SEO for Wedding Photographers – A Complete Guide

SEO for Wedding Photographers

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SEO is the best marketing tool that wedding photographers use to boost their business. Think of a customer who is looking for a wedding photographer online and your website shows up and books you! How would you feel? This only can happen through SEO. SEO helps your website to improve its online presence and rankings on Google.

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It may seem a waste of time. But actually, it is not! SEO for websites especially for wedding photography websites plays an important role. In this article, we will share what it is and also the complete guide that you will need to do the SEO. Here, you will get to know how to reach your target audience through SEO. Believe us! SEO experts suggest these steps.  So, let’s start the article with what is SEO for wedding photographers.

What Is SEO for Wedding Photographers?

Improving your website ranking on different search engines by applying different strategies and also by optimizing the website is known as SEO for wedding photography. It involves different techniques such as keyword research, creating valuable-unique content, building backlinks, social media marketing, etc. 

A wedding photography website can drive organic traffic to the website, attracting a target audience. Your target audience will know about your business and book yours to cover their occasions if the SEO is done properly.

What Is SEO for Wedding Photographers

In relevant searches, your website appears which is a great achievement. So, implementing different SEO strategies to improve online visibility and also website rankings is known as SEO for wedding photographers.

Comprehensive Guide of SEO for Wedding Photographers

Decide The Most Important Keyword

Let’s start with researching your keywords. This is the first step. When people look for any service or product they use some phrases. In SEO, we call it ‘keyword’. You need to know the most important keyword of your field through proper research. Try different tools to find important keywords and modify them a little according to your need.

For example, a suggested keyword for your website is “best wedding photographers in New Your City.” So, use this keyword for your website content so that your target audience can find you easily. 

Decide The Most Important Keyword

Use at least 4-5 keywords such as “affordable wedding photographer”, “packages for wedding photography” “best wedding photography” etc. Put the keywords carefully on your website so that Google can scroll and crawl your website for indexing. Believe us! Deciding the most important keywords and using them properly can improve your website rankings and visibility. 

Use Keyword on the Home Page

After deciding your keyword, let’s move to the second step. remember, that you must use the main keyword with LSI keywords on the homepage of the website. It’s a mandatory term! The reason is that without keywords, you can’t rank on search engines.

Remember, “Rankings are made based on keywords by Google as Google understands the context of your website by analyzing keywords.”

Use Keyword on the Home Page

Suppose, you provide wedding photography services in New York City but, you haven’t mentioned it on your website. Google won’t understand it as you haven’t informed Google through keywords. So, you won’t rank. For ranking on top of the page, you must use keywords properly, especially on the homepage of your website.

Clearly Write Where You’re Located and 3 to 5 Areas You Serve

Now you are about to start the third step. Mention a city or a state where you provide your service on your website. Otherwise, your target audience won’t know where you are located or where you provide your services. This falls under the category of local SEO 

Suppose, you provide your photography services in New Your City and its nearby area. But you also provide services to nearby areas such as Connecticut and Massachusetts by adding some extra charges. Mention this on your website too.

Clearly Write Where You’re Located and 3 to 5 Areas You Serve

Assume a client from Massachusetts who wants to book your services, but you haven’t mentioned it on your website, so, they won’t know about it and won’t book you. So, clearly write where you are located and at least 3-5 areas you provide your services.

If you provide services from one state to another, mention it on your website with the additional cost of it. If a client’s budget is high and can bear the costs, they will definitely book you. So, writing the locations on your website is very important. As this process is called local SEO so now you understand that it is essential for wedding photographers.

Set Up A Google My Business Listing

In this modern era, Google My Business listing helps a lot in the growth of businesses. It helps you to be found locally and globally by the clients. If you use Google My Business then your business will appear in the map results.

Set Up A Google My Business Listing

So, the fourth step starts with creating a business Google account and entering your information. Choose the areas where you provide your services. Add a description that highlights your services and also add some customer reviews. Upload all high-quality images that are taken by you on your website to attract clients.

Automatically Google My Business data provides results such as photos, office location, number, contact process, and many more. When a client searches for wedding photography or with your business name, your data shows up on the right side of the page. This happens because of Google My Business listing. So, this listing is very important.

Add 3 Blogs of Your Favorite Weddings

We are at our fifth step. Adding valuable content to your website for ranking is another important term of SEO that we have added in this step. Here, valuable content means adding blogs. Write SEO-friendly blogs within a word limit which needs to be fixed by analyzing the competitors.

Showcase your favorite wedding story, venue, process of work, customer reviews, FAQ everything in a blog. Try to keep the length of the blog at least 500 words. Cover the information interestingly so that clients read your blog. Use keywords carefully, so that Google can understand the context of the blog and your blog can rank.

Add 3 Blogs of Your Favorite Weddings

Use proper headings and titles for the blog. Stick to the proper usage of focused keywords so that clients can find your blogs using that keyword. Write at least 3 blogs of your favorite and the best weddings so that people get attracted to your services.  The blog will work as a booster for improving website performance and also in ranking.

Track Your Current Ranking and SEO Improvement with Ubersuggest

If you have followed all the steps till now, means you are done with the wedding photographer SEO. This is the last step that you need to follow. You must track your website performance, current ranking, and overall improvement. Utilize a free tool to keep track.

Use Ubersuggest which is a free tool to track SEO improvements. You need to know how to track. So, download the app first. Then, open the Ubersuggest app on your PC and enter the keywords that you have used on your website. This app will make your job easier and do the rest of the tasks for you.

Track Your Current Ranking and SEO Improvement with Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest will go through the Google results thoroughly first. Then it will provide you with a report where you will find your ‘current position’ on Google. It will specify your positions from pages 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, and so forth.

Final Thought

Finally, for business growth and also to enhance website visibility, wedding photographers should apply different SEO strategies. Even to attract more target audiences, SEO is a must. We believe that you have gone through this entire article, and now you know how to do SEO. 

Follow our suggested complete guide for the perfect SEO to boost your business. You will see the result within a month. So, believe in the power of SEO for wedding photographers and apply them to take your business to a new height.

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